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Top 10 the most amazing
attractions in Hungary

Hungary is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, offering almost endless possibilities for things to do and see. It is a small, yet highly influential country, bursting with exciting cities, fascinating history and a rich cultural tradition.

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Top 12 the most stunning cities
to visit in Hungary

A country with a fascinating history, Hungary has more to offer than just its glittering capital; outside of Budapest, you’ll come across beautiful architectural wonders, steaming thermal baths and interesting historical sites.

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Top 8 the most exciting
places to visit in Hungary

Bordered by seven countries, Hungary sits at the heart of Central Europe, but it has a strong cultural identity of its own. Most visitors will swoop into Budapest for a couple of days to hop between its thermal baths, ruins, and architectural wonders, but there is so much more to discover beyond the banks of the Danube. Make time to explore Hungary's spectacular lakes, vast wine regions, ancient cities, and cultural hubs.